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Newly Engaged: Your Next Steps

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Your significant other finally popped the question and you said YES! Or maybe vice versa. Either way, congratulations! What an exciting and happy time it is! But now you're wondering what the next steps you should take are and in what order. Well, today is your (second) luckiest day because we're here to help you out!

Call your family & closest friends

Even the family members you rarely talk to. We all know how it feels to find out important news on social media and we don't want your family feeling offended. Families can already be crazy and hectic through the wedding planning process so we don't want you starting off on the wrong foot. Take some time to go through both of your contact lists and plow through the calls. We all have that one aunt, too, who likes to talk too much. In order not to get caught up on that call, just politely remind her that you have a lot of people to get through and you'll catch up with her later. THEN, you can post that ring picture on your Instagram or Facebook to announce to the world you're finally getting to marry the love of your life! Not picking up the phone first is a huge engagement no-no.

Get that ring resized & insured

The last thing we want is for your ring to fall off somewhere random from being too loose. Resizing your ring can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It all depends on your jeweler, how delicate your ring is, how much they have to resize it, etc. You might also have to get it appraised to add to your home or renters insurance as personal property. Make sure to call your insurance company though to see what they require. Nothing can replace the sentimental value of your ring, but just in case something were to happen, you can get your (or your significant other's) money back.

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Have the money talk

We cannot tell you how many couples come to us with no idea how much they can afford. Just like a car or home, you wouldn't start looking without knowing what your realistic budget is. Sit down and talk it out. How much can you both spare each month? How much are either of your family members going to contribute? Are you going to open a separate account dedicated to wedding funds? We like to recommend to our couples to designate a credit card with some nice perks or one you'd like to rack points on. Might as well and try to get the bang for your buck in every way. Who knows? Maybe with all the points you'll get, you can get a good portion of your honeymoon paid for.

Gather your ideal guest list, your partner's, and both of your parent's

Now, not only have you been dreaming about your wedding, but so has your parents. Sometimes they'll want to invite extended family whose name you don't even remember or you're not even sure if you've ever met them. Not only should you draw up everyone you want to invite, but also have them do the same. Figure out a method with them. Maybe you and your significant other will get to invite 60% of the guest list, and 20% designated for each set of parents. Or possibly 50-25-25. You'll figure it out. It's important to know the size of your guest list though before looking at venues. You don't want to waste your time (and possibly falling in love with one) going on venue tours with the maximum capacity of 150 without a dance floor and your guest list is pushing 300. That doesn't mean you can't look at different types of venues to get an idea for what feel and atmosphere you're trying to go for, but just like your budget, try to get a realistic idea of your guest count before doing site visits.

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Think about the big picture

Do you and your significant other have different tastes and style? Ask yourselves these questions. What sort of feel are you trying to create for your guests? Laid back or glamorous? Semiformal or black tie? Indoor or outdoor? Festive or traditional? Which vendors are you willing to splurge on and which ones are you willing to compromise? Is photography more important to you both, or is the food? Perhaps it's the floral and decor. Take the time to brainstorm together. We know people like to say it's the bride's day, but it's important not to forget about the groom.

Hire a wedding planner

For some couples, we are the first vendor they book. For some, we're the last. Either way, we think we can be a vital part of your special day. Often times we can save you time and money through our experience or tips and tricks we've learned over the years. We often hear from couples that they don't realize how many details or scenarios can come up during the wedding planning process, but planners are here to make it as stress-free as possible. Your wedding day is just not another day or another event you put together. It's more personal and intimate, and we know that. We may become friends and stay in touch after your wedding, or we may never cross each other's paths again, but creating a stress-free day and environment is what we're here for.

What other steps did you take after you got engaged?!

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