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Questions To Ask Your Photographer Before Booking

Behind the scenes of a wedding photographer

Credit: Peter Gubernat Photography

Choosing a professional photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make during your wedding planning process. After the day has come and gone, your photos are all you have left! There are so many talented wedding photographers in all sorts of price ranges and with different levels of experience. Consider your style, how much time wedding day coverage you'd like, and your budget. Your photographer's personality is also important since they'll be alongside you for the majority of your wedding date and capturing some of your most intimate moments. Here are some questions to ask during your decision making process:

- Is my date available?

- Do you book more than one event a day?

- How many photographers will be on-site the day-of?

- If they have a large team, who will be shooting the day-of?

- How long have you been shooting weddings?

- How many do you typically do a year?

- What are your packages and pricing?

- Do you offer unlimited hours day-of?

- Do any of your packages offer an additional session for engagement photos or bridal portraits?

- Is an album included?

- What kind of album styles are available?

- Do you have a backup plan if a camera fails?

- What is your turnaround time to get my photos back?

- Will the photos be available in an online gallery or will I get a USB?

- How much is your deposit and is there a payment schedule available?

We hope these were helpful and remember, there's always a photographer with a similar style in each price point so don't get hung up if you can't afford the one your want.

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