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Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator

Four Seasons Dallas Wedding

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Often times, venues advertise they have an on-site coordinator, but does that mean you still need a separate wedding planner? Yes! Here's why:


A venue coordinator works FOR the venue. Their priority is to make sure everything involving the venue (table, chairs, linen, staff, catering if applicable) is ran smoothly and is taken care of. An independent wedding planner is the one to ensure your vendors show up on time, the decor is the executed the way you envisioned, and wrangle together guests, family, and the wedding party. They'll be ones to line up the wedding party, cue music, and make sure everything is ready to go. They'll be by your side throughout the day and night telling you when it's time to cut the cake, toss the bouquet, toasts, etc. Your wedding planner will also be the one at the end of the night to make sure gifts are sent where they're supposed to go and everything personal brought on-site is given to the correct designated person or room to handle.


A venue coordinator will mostly have a list of preferred vendors curated for them and that's the extent of their involvement with them. An independent wedding planner can help schedule and attend meetings with you, recommend vendors based on your price point, style, and personality. They can also help review your contracts before booking and they'll be your main point of contact between you and your vendors.


A venue coordinator can help with the table layout they know best fits their venue, but they're not going into details about color, linen, floral, and set up with you. Your wedding planner will be able to do all that and go to decor meetings with you to assist in finalizing your vision.

Four Seasons Dallas Wedding

Photo credit: Edmonson Photography

Overlapping duties and working together

Venue coordinators and wedding planners work closely together to make your special day happen, but they do have different responsibilities. Although your venue coordinator may be able to answer general ceremonial questions such as songs, line up, etc., your wedding planner will be the one to actually execute the ceremony and cue all those involved. Your wedding planner and venue coordinator will be in constant communication throughout the planning process and day-of to ensure a smooth day for you, but your wedding planner will be a best friend throughout the whole thing and be an advocate for your vision and best interest. They'll be able to see your wedding as a whole as opposed to just the venue's perspective. They'll know what aspects of your wedding are more important to you than others and will know how you would like different situations handled without having to interrupt your evening.

If you're still trying to weigh the difference between the two, the bottom line is, you need both. They make a tremendous team together. That's why some venues even have in their contracts a requirement that you have a wedding planner booked. Do you still have questions? Write them in the comments below!

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