In Case You Missed It: Wedding Stories of Jan '18

We hope everyone has had a wonderful January and a fantastic start to the year! We are certainly excited for what this year has to offer for us and our couples!

Have you been keeping up with what's going on in the wedding world this past month though? Well, we are here to catch you up and are excited to share with you some of our favorite stories!

1. This first story, just WOW! Bride Kimberly Weglin and groom Ryan Jenks tied the knot 400-feet above Utah Canyon. The bride told People Magazine that they're an adventurous couple and she actually used to be scared of heights. The colorful space net was created by Andy Lewis and photography was shot by The Hearnes Adventure Photography. According to The Hearnes' website, the wedding party also proved to be adventurous. During the ceremony, friends performed aerial stunts below the net, did aero-yoga on the cliff's edges, and even did some paragliding. Check out their awesome photos!

Photo credit: The Hearnes Adventure Photography

Photo credit: The Hearnes Adventure Photography

Photo credit: The Hearnes Adventure Photography

Photo credit: The Hearnes Adventure Photography

2. Groom and aviation student, Gavin Becker, also used Mother Nature to pull off a picturesque proposal. He inscribed "Marry Me" on the frozen Eighth Crow Wing Lake in Minnesota. Each letter alone was 25-feet tall so that it could be seen from above and took 5 hours to complete. The lake holds sentimental value within the family as Gavin's father also proposed on the same lake in a boat 28 years prior. How cute!

Photo credit: Unknown

3. In December, Australia said yes to same-sex marriages and Tuesday, Jan. 9 was the first official day couples could exchange vows at the altar. A number of couples expressed the love and commitment to each other shortly after midnight and we could not be happier for them and Australia!

Photo credit: Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Photo credit: Matt Jelonek/Getty Images

Photo credit: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

4. This gentleman surprised his girlfriend with a proposal and wedding on the same day! The bride, Nicole Carfagna, has been battling with lupus which flairs up during stressful situations so the groom, Danny Rios, took the initiative of taking care of it all! It took him 5-months of secret planning and Nicole was definitely surprised. They had discussed waiting to get engaged since they just bought a house together so getting engaged or married was not even on her radar. The guests also thought it was just an engagement party so they were in for a nice surprise, too!

Photo credit: Stephanie Scapellati

Photo credit: Stephanie Scapellati

Photo credit: Stephanie Scapellati

5. Lastly, Paris Hilton is engaged to Chris Zylka and have you seen the rock on her finger yet?! Holy cow! It's a 20-carat pear-shaped diamond valued at $2 million dollars and designed by Greene and Co. The two got engaged while on a winter vacation in Aspen, CO.

Photo credit: Paris Hilton/Instagram

Were there any stories we missed this month that you loved?! Share with us in the comments!

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