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Make Your Wedding Guests Feel More Comfortable

Although your wedding day is about you and your significant other, your wedding guests can sometimes make or break your event. Just as if you were inviting friends and family to your home for dinner or a party, you'd want to make sure everyone is comfortable and feel like they can let relax. We don't want your guests to feel awkward, shy, or as if they can't have a good time so here are some tips to help put your wedding guests be put at ease...

1. Signs and directions

The more direction your guests have, the better. Think about a time when you've been to an event and you didn't know where to go. One way to make it easier for guests is to add signs. It keeps them from guessing and wandering around. Seating assignments are also great for this reason. Even if you don't want to tell your guests where to sit, at least assign them to a table. Again, it keeps the guessing and wandering around to a minimum. Also, there won't be one empty chair here or one empty chair there.

Wedding Escort Cards Idea

Credit: Larissa Cleveland

2. Guest activities

Any way to help your guests interact with each other is wonderful! Games such as Corn Hole, Bean Bag Toss, giant Jenga, giant Connect Four, any giant game really... are all incredible! There's also the classic photo booth option, and now there are even slow-motion booths which add a different dynamic. Your wedding DJ is also a fantastic source to facilitate games while guests are seated at their tables.

Wedding Lawn Games

Credit: Gwyne Gray Photography

3. For a hot day

Wedding day or not, no one likes to be hot and sweaty outside - especially if your clothes start sticking to you. If part of your wedding is outdoors, think of amenities to accommodate your guests like sunglasses, bug spray, fans, or a water/refreshment station. A cold towel station would also make it look like you went the extra mile for them.

Wedding Refreshment Station

Credit: Snapmotive

4. For a cold day

Heaters and throw blankets are the most commonly seen amenities, but how about a hot chocolate or s'mores station. This doubles as a guest activity and assists with your guests' interaction with one another. A personal favorite is a small fire pit, but check with your venue first for fire/safety regulations.

Wedding Hot Chocolate Bar


5. Lounge furniture

Adding lounge furniture allows your guests to gather and sit somewhere else besides their table. This is a more relaxed setting, too, for those who don't dance and just want to converse.

Wedding Lounge Furniture

Credit: Troy Grovers Photographers

Guests will remember the little things you did to make your special day special for them, too. Was there anything in this article that you found helpful?

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