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Why We Love First Looks

First looks are one of our most favorite moments that happen throughout a wedding day. It's such a special and magical time that you and your partner get to share with just each other. Having those precious moments before the wedding festivities begin can help you two really focus on each other, build excitement and calm any nerves at the same time.

Credit: Julia Wade Photography

It's a chance for you two to just be in the moment without having any friends or family around. We've witnessed grooms who would not typically let their emotions out in front of their loved ones, but have lost their cool once they've seen their partner. This time alone creates a sense of comfort and allows to you two to really open up - and we say, let the emotions flow!

Credit: Jenny Haas Photography

Of course, first looks are not for everyone, but we definitely do not think this takes away from the seeing each other when walking down the aisle. Weddings are an emotional time and you'll be overwhelmed either way! It's also great if you want to share that moment with your guests because they do support you both and we're sure, seeing the way you two love each other.

Wedding first look

Credit: Ashley Sawtelle Photography

What are your thoughts on having a first look? Did you have one at yours or are you thinking of doing one?


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