Heartfelt Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding

Your wedding day is to be celebrated with loved ones and whether you've recently lost someone or want to honor a great-grandparent who passed many years ago, there are still ways to include them into your special day. How you choose to honor them will be up to you as there is no one way fits all. While thinking of how to do so, bear in mind these three questions: 1). How fresh is the wound? 2). How much attention do you want to draw to this tribute? and 3). What's the most appropriate way for that person?

1. Add photo charms to the bridal bouquet or groom's boutonniere.

Credit: Simple Jessie Photography and Etsy

2. Add their photo to custom cufflinks or pin small photo charms inside the suit jacket.

Credit: Etsy / Little Gem Girl and Shea Christine Photography

3. Add an "In Loving Memory" section to the wedding program.

Credit: Zazzle

4. Reserve a seat. You can place a photo, a memorabilia, or simply a single flower.

Credit: Leila Brewster Photography and Heavenly Blooms

5. Light a candle or have a memorial table.

Credit: Closer to Love Photography and Ama Photography

Among these options, you can have a toast in their name, say a few words, or have a moment of silence. The possibilities are endless and can be personalized however you see fit. Are you planning on honoring any loved ones at your wedding (or rehearsal dinner)? Let us know in the comments below.

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