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Unique Ways for the Groom to Stand Out

A bride easily stands out on her wedding day with her white dress, but what about a groom in a sea of suits? The groom should feel just as special on their big day as his beautiful bride. There are a variety of ways a groom can be unique and look extra snazzy on his wedding day. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. A different colored suit

Groom and groomsmen

Credit: Belle and Beau Photography

Groom and groomsmen in blue and grey suits

Credit: Catherine Ann Photography

2. Wear a different colored tie

Groom with a different colored tie

Credit: Michelle Prunty Photography

Groom with different colored tie

Credit: Insight Photography

3. Opt for a bow tie instead of a tie

Groom and groomsmen in grey suits

Credit: Becka Pillmore Photography

Groom and groomsmen in black and blue suits

Credit: Weddington Way

Groom with bow tie

Credit: Men's Wearhouse

4. Have a different style or color boutonniere

Groom with different colored boutonniere

Credit: The Knot

Groom and groomsmen boutonnieres

Credit: One Wed

5. Vest vs. no vest or a different colored vest

Groom with different colored boutonniere

Credit: DKPhoto

Groom with different colored vest

Credit: Michelle Prunty Photography

There are of course other ways to differentiate the groom through little details such as adding a pocket watch, a different pocket square, socks, lapel, or even shoes. Did you add anything special or are thinking of ideas to make the groom the center of attention along with his bride? Let us know in the comments below.

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