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Questions to Ask Your Hair & Make-Up Team Before Booking

Wedding hair and make-up


There are many companies out there who offer both hair and make-up, or just offer hair services only or make-up services only. There are a variety of looks you could go for on your special day - glam, natural, updo, half-up/half-down, etc. Salons and spas often offer in-house and on-location services for both weddings and events. The goal for all stylists and artists though is to make sure you're comfortable the day-of and are happy. Here are some questions you can ask them to help you get there:

- How long have you been hair and/or make-up?

- Do you have packages and pricing for weddings specifically?

- What is the deposit? Do you offer a payment plan?

- Do you offer on-site services or are willing to come to our "get ready" location?

- Are you licensed?

- Can we see samples of your previous work?

- What size of a party can you accommodate on the wedding day?

- Do you bring assistants with you?

- How much time do you need on the wedding day?

- Is a trial run included? If not, how much is the extra cost?

- Will the same person doing the trial be there the day-of?

- Are there back-up artists/stylists available if you are unable to work at the last minute of the wedding?

- Will you stay at the wedding and do touch-ups throughout the day? If so, how much is the full day fee?

- How do you recommend for us to keep make-up fresh throughout the day?

- What brands of products do you use?

- Do you do airbrush make-up?

- Do you leave a touch-up kit with lip product, hair spray, bobby pins, etc.?

Hopefully these questions help you along the way of your decision-making process and Happy Planning!

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