9 Wedding Ideas for Your "Something Old"

"Something Old" is the first line to a traditional wedding rhyme that offers a bride in detail what she should wear for good luck. Brides often feel deeply connected to their "something old" because it means that selected item has a piece of history with them. This item can be a sweet gesture to honor a family member or a close and dear friend. Here are some of our ideas and would love to hear what you did/will do on your special day.

1. Family heirloom or relatives jewelry

Credit: Jared Platt Photography

2. A wedding dress

Credit: Asya Photography

3. A grandparent's handkerchief wrapped around the bouquet

Credit: Christian Oth Studio

4. Vintage getaway car

Credit: Polina Vinogradova

5. Wedding venue

Credit: Katie Dessin Photography

6. Locket or pendant

Credit: Delaney Jewelry Designs

7. Wedding cake topper

Credit: Teneil Kable Photography

8. Wedding veil

Credit: Cassidy Carson Photography

9. A classic perfume or signature perfume you always wear

Credit: Hilary Cam Photography

What did you think? Will you incorporate any of these into your wedding day? Check out our other blogs about how to make the groom stand out or wedding favors your guests will love for other ideas.

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