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Wedding Party Roles and Responsibilities

Wedding Party arm wrestling

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Our beloved wedding party. The individuals we feel closest to standing by our side as we say "I do" to the one we want to spend the rest of our lives with. They've been with us through thick and thin to support us and are there to continue supporting us on a very special day, but what are their duties throughout the planning process and big day?

Maid/Man of Honor

This role is traditionally filled by a sister or closest friend and out of all of the attendants, the bride relies most on her maid of honor. Before the wedding, the maid of honor duties includes arranging bridesmaids' activities such as organizing the bridal shower and bachelorette party. She also helps the couple with errands and tasks like addressing invitations or keeping records of gifts.

On the wedding day, the maid of honor is there to attend to the bride. She helps the bride with her dress and veil during the processional and recessional, holds the bouquet at the altar, and signs the marriage license as a witness. The maid of honor also traditionally gives a speech to the bride and groom during the reception.

Bride and her Maid of Honor

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Best Man/Woman

Like the maid of honor, the best man role is often filled by a brother or best friend is the biggest source of support for the groom. Although men don't have as many pre-wedding events as women, the best man is in charge of planning the bachelor party. He is also in charge of picking up the groom and groomsmen formal attire if they are renting them and returning them after the wedding. The best man does give a speech during the reception as well and signs the marriage license as a witness.

Groom and Best Man

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You may choose as few or as many bridesmaids as you would like to stand next to you on your special day. These women, or men, are those you feel close to and sometimes can incorporate your soon-to-be husband's sister(s) as well. The main duties of bridesmaids are to assist the maid of honor in her planning responsibilities. That can be with the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or just being there for support for the couple. Bridesmaids can also relieve some of the pre-wedding event costs for the maid of honor by chipping in some funds.


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Groomsmen offer support to the couple and help the best man with planning the bachelor party. On the wedding day, groomsmen also act as ushers and assist in seating the guests before the ceremony. Occasionally, they also pass out ceremonial programs as well and ensure guests are having a good time during the reception.


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Were there any out of the ordinary tasks that you were asked to do when you were a part of a wedding party? Comment below!

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