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What to Consider Before Including Your Pup in The Wedding

Dogs in Wedding

Credit: Joe Mikos Photography

We share our special day with friends, family, co-workers we feel obligated to invite, but what about a man's best friend?

Here are some tips to ensure your pet-included wedding goes off without a hitch:

1. Confirm with your venue

Before making any plans, check with your venue that they'll let your furry friend through the door. This will save time from the beginning and a possible heartbreak if this isn't done first. If it's a no go, you can still involve them into your photos after the ceremony or your engagement session.

Dog in Wedding

Credit: Zoom Theory Photography

2. Consider your pet's personality

Can your pup handle being the center of attention? Are they going to be okay around your guests?

Dogs in Weddings

Credit: Snap Weddings

3. Notify your guests (and vendors)

Let your guests know ahead of time that your pup will be present during the wedding. This allows those who have allergies or fear of dogs can plan accordingly. It's also important to let your vendors knows your plans, especially your photographer so they can be ready to catch your pup in action. They can also help brainstorm some fun photo opportunities with them.

Dog in Wedding

Credit: Amelia Lyon Photography

4. Decide of their duties

There are several jobs your pooch can play. They can be by your side as your dog of honor, carry the rings down the aisle, or serve as a four-legged usher.

Dogs in Weddings

Credit: Justin and Mary (left), Nashan Photographers (right)

5. Designate a handler

Find a friend or family member that is comfortable with dog duty. Bonus points if the two are already familiar with each other. This person will be responsible for carrying water, food, and making sure your pup goes out when he needs to.

Dogs in Wedding

Credit: Parallel 57

6. Practice makes perfect

Consider taking your pup the venue before the big day so he can explore and sniff at his leisure. This will help him be more comfortable with the venue by the time the wedding comes around. Be sure to also bring him to the rehearsal.

Dog in Wedding

Credit: Dottie Photography

Did you include your furry friend in your wedding day? How did it go?!

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