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How To Include Donuts Into Your Wedding

Sweet, oh so sweet, delicious donuts. We might have been hungry when we thought of today's blog topic. We thought about making it more diverse and including different kinds of desserts, but honestly, we think donuts deserve their own blog. Here are some of our favorite ideas and we hope you find them helpful.

Donuts on a Stick

Donut wedding favor

Credit: Amy & Stuart

Live Mini Donut Station

Live Mini Donut Station

Credit: Doughnuttery

Live Mini Donut Station

Credit: Doughnuttery

To-Go Favors

Wedding donut favor

Credit: Jamie Fender

Dunkin Donuts wedding favors

Credit: A Guy and A Girl Photography

Donut wedding favor

Credit: Rebecca Yale Photography

At The Table

Donut Place Cards

Credit: Brittany Renee

Donut Tower

Donut tower

Credit: Me Photography

Donut Truck

Donut truck at wedding

Credit: Jen Fariello Photography

Donut Table

Donut dessert table

Credit: Ben Sasso

With Coffee or Hot Chocolate

Donut with coffee

Credit: Harwell Photography

With Coffee Shakes

Donut with coffee shake

Credit: Christina Carroll Photography

With Mini Lattes

Mini donuts with mini lattes

Credit: Tracey Buyce Photography

In A Bag

Donut wedding favors

Credit: Etsy/Party Glamour Shop

Credit: Etsy/Mavora

Did you see any ideas that you liked? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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