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Best Wedding Registry Sites & Stores

Wedding Registry

Curating a wedding registry can be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning (right after cake and food tasting). Who doesn't love shopping and creating a wish list? Scan, scan, scan, POOF, you have a list! Here are some of our favorite stores with the best benefits:

1. Amazon

Amazon, of course, has EVERYTHING. A one-stop shop for your guests. Amazon has the following perks for their registrants:

  • A special completion discount. Prime members can enjoy 20% off items left on their registry after their wedding date and non-Prime members can enjoy 10% off. Items must be sold and shipped by Amazon though.

  • Long return period. Amazon's normal return time is 30 days, but registrants get 180 days for any item.

  • Group gifting. Friends and family can opt-in to contribute to higher-priced items so you don't have guilty about adding those pricier items.

2. Zola

Zola lets couple registry with more than 500 brands and non-traditional items in one place, such as gift cards and travel. They have new arrivals every week and make it easy to add gifts from other stores. Their benefits are the following:

  • Convenient shipping. You can choose when you want your items to be shipped once your guests have purchased them. You can also exchange items before their even shipped.

  • Delayed shipping. You can even choose to have your items shipped after you come back from your honeymoon or when you have more room at your place.

  • Low cash fund fee. While their processing fee is 2.5% for cash donations, you can choose if you would like your guests to pay the fee or if you would like to absorb the fee for your guests. There is no fee for gifts cards though!

  • Post-wedding discount. You get an automatic 20% off items left on your registry for 6 months.

  • Group gifting. Like Amazon, family and friends can pool in their money to purchase higher ticket items so you don't feel guilty about registering for them.

3. Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond is a staple when it comes to traditional wedding registries. They also offer some pieces online that are not available in-store so you can get a little more out of their inventory, too. Here are some of their perks:

  • In-store experts. They have a staff to assist you in-store to curate your perfect registry. They could help you think of items you might not have thought of to add.

  • Completion offer. Registrants can get a 20% discount on the remaining items left in their wedding registry after the big day.

  • Price match. If you or your guest find the same item priced lower, they'll match it!

  • Registry analyst. This is a tool that help you balance your wedding registry with great gifts in every price range.

4. Target

It's Target. Who doesn't love Target? Their wedding registry benefits:

  • Easy returns. If you don't have the receipt, it's okay! You can return and exchange gifts up to one year without it.

  • Completion discount. Couples get a 15% discount on any items left (PLUS anything you'd like to add).

  • Fund newlywed experiences. They've partnered with Honeyfund so friends and family and contribute to your honeymoon and newlywed experiences. You and your love can use the funds on travel, adventures, date nights, classes, and more.

  • Group gifting. This makes it easy for your guests to contribute to to larger priced items.

5. Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, & West Elm

When you register with one, you register with all of them! Thanks to them being owned by same parent-company, the ONE Registry allows you to add items from across their family of brands. Other perks they offer are:

  • One-on-one consultations. In-store experts can help you curate the perfect wedding registry and merge your styles cohesively.

  • Completion discount. They offer 10% off for up to 6 months post-wedding.

  • Checklist. They take the guessing out of what to register for and help make it easy.

6. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is great to register at because they have everything your home could need, including kitchen appliances, bedding, bath textiles, furniture, decor and more. Their wedding registry benefits are:

  • Expert advice. You're able to schedule a Private Registry Event for one-on-one attention from their dedicated registry experts.

  • Easy app. Add items on the go, scan barcodes in their store, and get real-time status of your registry and purchases.

  • Completion discount. Receive 15% off the remaining items in your wedding registry for up to 3 months in-store and online.

  • Group gifting. Available online so you don't feel guilty about registering for those higher-priced items.

7. Macy's

Macy's has so many products you might not know where to begin! You'll get to items registered for your home and more. There's no doubt you won't have fun together scanning through the store. Their perks are:

  • Completion discount. You'll get a 20% discount for 6 months following your big day.

  • Registry Star Rewards program. You'll collect points as your guests purchase items and points translate into gift cards!

  • Sip & Scan. Macy's occasional hosts nights where couples can come, listen to a DJ or other entertainment, drink refreshments, and start their registry with one of their registry consultants.

Did you register at any of the places above or are you going to? If not, what stores are you thinking of? Tell us in the comments below!

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