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How To Tell Guests You're Postponing Your Wedding

Whether you are postponing your wedding because of the COVID-19 pandemic or other circumstances, you'll want to find the right words to inform your guests and through the best avenues as well.

Rescheduling your wedding is never an easy decision and can be heartbreaking. You've spent months planning and are excited for the day to finally come. You're ready to celebrate with your friends and family, marry your significant other, and sometimes - like the current situation we're in with the Coronavirus - postponing is just the safest and best course to take.


If your wedding is near and you've already sent out the invitations, you'll want to do this soon. You'll most likely want to call your elderly relatives who aren't as tech-savvy with texts or emails. With the rest of your family members and friends, a text or email should do the trick. You can split this task between you and your fiancé as this could get emotionally draining with questions on the other side.

Update Your Wedding Website

Guests use your website as a source of information for all of your wedding details. If they refer back to your wedding website, you'll want to make sure they see the new date and that it's changed.

Send Out A Postponement Card

Even though you're texting, calling, and emailing, it's still nice for your guests to hang something on their fridge to replace the previous save-the-date or invitation. You might want to keep it the same theme as all of your other stationery to carry out the same message and vibe of the wedding. Some cute and upbeat ways to make the announcement are: Change The Date, Resave The Date or New Plan!

Some of our Favorite Change The Date Cards:

Credit: Magnolia Papers and Co.

Credit: Dodi Doodles

Credit: Minted

Credit: Zazzle

Credit: Minted

Credit: Zazzle

Credit: Basic Invite

Through all of this, and as hard is it may seem, it's important to remember to stay positive. Soon, you'll be saying "I Do" and getting to celebrate with all of your loved ones!

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