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Questions to Ask Your Band Before Booking

Live wedding band

Credit: The Shultzes

DJ? Live band? DJ? Live band? Your MC and musicians can sometimes make or break your reception. The MC not only guides your guests throughout the night and set the tone, but also should be the one to read your crowd. They play an extremely important role if you're looking for that party vibe. Don't hire your reception music without doing your due diligence first. There's a wide range of music and performance styles to match your needs. Here are some questions you should ask before booking:

- Are you available for my date?

- Have you worked at my venue before?

- How long have you played together?

- How would you describe your style?

- How much space and staging does your band require?

- How many musicians are there and what instruments do they play?

- How many vocalists are there?

- How will they be dressed?

- Will we need to rent anything additional? Instruments? Sound equipment? Staging?

- Do you use lighting or any other special effects?

- Does the band interact with guests?

- Do you also provide MC services?

- How do you handle backups? Performer and equipment-wise?

- How do you handle breaks?

- What dinner, drinks, and greenroom requirements do you have?

- How much time do you need for setup and sound check?

- How do you handle song requests?

- Do you have a specialty?

- Pricing? Deposit? Payment plan?

- Do you have liability insurance?

Be sure to hire someone that fits your style and budget. With dancing being such a big part of the reception, we want to make sure that you book a band that will help make it memorable!

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