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Your Guide to Wedding Veils

Credit: Essence of Australia

Fun fact: Wedding veils were used to hide the bride from evil spirits who might want to hinder her happiness. It also represents the delivery of a modest and untouched maiden. Traditions have loosened these days though as they often do. Today, they're mostly worn for style reasons and there is a multitude of options for veils. If you decide to wear a wedding veil, we hope this guide helps you in your process of purchasing one.

Should I buy my veil with my dress or separately?

If you can't buy your veil with your dress, you do at least want to buy your dress first! It is important to coordinate your veil with your dress because there is a multitude of shades of white, ivory, etc. Unless your veil is passed down, then you'll want to keep it in mind while you dress shop. You may also want to bring the veil with you when you go wedding dress shopping.

Should I bring my veil to my hair trial?

Yes! You'll want to bring the veil to get the full effect. Your hairstylist will also be able to brainstorm ideas that look best with the veil and for when you also take it off later in the night.

What length should I buy?

Well, it depends on what feel you are going for on your wedding day and also what kind of style your dress is. Shorter veils such as birdcages (4-9'") and blushers (30") are more informal and offer more personality if you want to go for a retro look. Longer veils - floor-length (72"), chapel (90"), or cathedral (108-120") - offer more formality and tend to have a more traditional romantic feel. You'll want to try a variety of styles to make sure it complements your overall silhouette and doesn't interrupt the flow of your look.

Do I need to cover my face?

Not necessarily. If you want the traditional look, a blusher-style veil would be the way to go. The veil would be lifted by whoever is walking you down the aisle before they leave your side or your partner after the final vows. If you don't like the idea of having your face covered, it is perfectly okay to have your veil worn back and away from your face.

Can I wear a veil and a headpiece?

Absolutely. Just be sure to seek advice from your bridal salon consultant or hairstylist on which pieces would look best together or help you pull it off.

Should I take it off and when?

This is totally up to you. Some remove after it immediately after the ceremony or formal family photos. Some also remove the first dance or after dinner before hitting the dance floor. If you're in love with your veil though, feel free to leave it on all night! Just be careful it doesn't get ruined, dragged or stepped on.

Hopefully, this guide helped a little. Did you or are you planning on wearing a veil on your wedding day?!

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