"If I could rate higher, I would!  Stephanie did a fantastic job with my wedding and I couldn't be happier with her work.  I was one of those brides who thought she could do it all.  Boy, was I wrong!  After stressing and almost pulling my hair out, I called Stephanie in a panic and she was able to put me at ease, which is not easy to do. There were a lot of things I put off last minute, but Stephanie was able to swoop in and save the day.  We even had our florist cancel on us 2 weeks before the wedding, but Stephanie was able to find a replacement within our budget THE NEXT DAY!  I had the most beautiful wedding in October thanks to Peachy Weddings & Events. Everything went so smoothly and I was actually able to enjoy and take in each moment from that day.  I would recommend Stephanie for all your event needs.  She is professional, friendly, and knows what she's doing.  Had I known how much time and stress I could have saved myself from, I would have called sooner!"

- Lauren, 2016 bride

"I recommend 100%!  Stephanie was a game changer for us to pull off our Four Seasons wedding this Spring.  We had a very clear vision of how we wanted our wedding to look like and feel like, and Stephanie was able to put that into production.  As a couple, we wanted a really good DJ, the wedding to flow seamlessly, all elements and the room to look amazing... Stephanie crushed all aspects for us!  Her vendor recommendations are incredible, very big name players for us to choose from.  She was a major piece to our most precious day and we forever will be her biggest fans!  Thank you so much Stephanie!"

- Kevin, 2017 groom

"Stephanie did an amazing job.  She is so professional and helpful to getting everything I needed done.  She helped me more with the smaller details since I took lead on everything else, I'm just controlling so needed her more for the smaller details.  Many things like table layout and order of the ceremony were very helpful to me. She helped me on what types of vendors would be better for me and on the day of the wedding, she was able to take all the stress off of myself and lead the wedding beautifully. I was so grateful to have her be part of the wedding and release a lot of the stress many brides have.  I would definitely recommend her to any bride that work and doesn't have the time to do all the tedious jobs that a wedding require."

- Maria, 2017 bride

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